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    What Are the Best Materials for Countertops?

    Whether it be in your renovated kitchen or bathroom, your countertop choice defines the look of the room. Choosing the right look, texture and colour that matches your style in a quality long lasting material is imperative. Our vast selection of materials includes all the essential characteristics for a quality countertop.

    Quartz Countertop

    Quartz is a durable material made of a mixture of minerals and dyes. As it is a stain resistant material, maintenance is quick and easy. Scratches and heat are not a problem with this hygienic and clean product.

    Stratified Countertop

    A stratified countertop adapts itself to any room. Offered in an impressive range of colours and textures, it is cost-efficient and durable. Marble or granite styles are easily found at a fraction of the price.

    Granite Countertop

    Granite is one of the most popular countertop surfaces. It is extremely solid, can be worked on without leaving any scratches, and has a timeless look. This material is also offered in a wide selection of colours.

    Wood Countertop

    Wood is a natural and warm material that is low maintenance with a smooth finish. These countertops also offer a classic, bright and natural look.

    Corian Countertop

    Corian adapts itself to a number of styles. With polymer properties, this countertop gives off the illusion that it was created in one step. Corian is not a porous material and thus does not accumulate bacteria.

    Dekton Countertop

    With its sophisticated look and feel, the Dekton countertop is extremely stain resistant. This material contains all the advantages of quartz without the disadvantages. Available in several different models, colours and finishes, Dekton is ideal for chic countertops in any style.

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