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    Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets: What Material to Choose?

    Your cabinet choice sets the tone of any space. Your bathroom and kitchen cabinets can brighten up the room, which is why the material choice is so important. We offer an extensive variety suitable for any lifestyle.

    Polyester Cabinets

    Polyester is extremely resistant to heat, discoloration, scratches and shocks. This imitation wood is of superior quality and allows the cabinets to create a smooth and contemporary look in any room.

    Thermoplastic Cabinets

    While being humidity resistant and durable, thermoplastic cabinets are also low maintenance and timeless. This smooth and glossy material is a stylish and affordable choice.

    Wood Cabinets

    Is wood easy to repair and available in a variety of styles? Yes! Wood is also easily customizable and can be repainted to match your colour needs.

    Melamine Cabinets

    Melamine cabinets have greatly improved over the years. While maintaining its low cost, melamine carries a smooth and lasting finish. This product is also heat and stain resistant.

    MDF Cabinets

    Medium Density Fibreboard is a more environmentally-friendly and cheaper material than wood but with a similar finish. The material is versatile as well as lightweight. The cabinets are available in a variety of styles and colours.

    European Laminate Cabinets

    Along with being resistant and easy to maintain, European laminate cabinets are one of the most recent innovations in the kitchen cabinet world. This material allows for a modern and contemporary style.

    Stratified Cabinets

    This material is humidity resistant and is generally more durable. This material is available in a variety of colours and styles.

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