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    Rustic and Luminous

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    Rustic and Luminous

    Does white attract light or does light attract white? In this house the answer seems obvious to the owners.

    Easy to arrange, bright and pleasing to the eye, it’s no wonder that minimal white is taking over current kitchen trends. For many homeowners, choosing white assures a timeless look that will not go out of style anytime soon.

    With its classic Anglo-Saxon style, this design includes shaker style cabinets in white cherry wood adorned with skillfully hand crafted detailing.

    By raising the cabinets up to the ceiling, the ventilation ducts are discretely hidden from view with no dust accumulation. There are many spotlights and ceiling lights to illuminate the room, allowing you to move from a lively atmosphere to a relaxing meal with ease.

    In the spirit of creating a lively and authentic kitchen at the heart of the home, you will find a variety of distinct workspaces including a central kitchen island, a breakfast counter, and an area for your computer. This is a space that combines an effective preparation area and welcoming spaces for the children to finish their homework.


    Stylish and functional, Armodec offers a wide range of customizable styles.  From contemporary, country, classic, rustic or modern styles, we have models that will satisfy your design needs. Consult our different cabinet and countertop models for inspiration.

    Materials used for this project:
    • Granite countertop
    • Hardware and accessories
    • Thermoplastic cabinets
    • Wood cabinets
    • Wood countertop

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