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Sportsman’s Hideout

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Sportsman's Hideout

A few steps away from the home theatre, the pool room or the family room, the idea of creating a bar has become increasingly appealing to homeowners. This space can easily be described in three words: warmth, comfort, and pleasure.

This mini bar creates a club-like atmosphere with its metal laminate doors framed by sizeable frames in dark brown laminate. The counter is long enough to prepare savoury cocktails and arrange snacks for guests. LED lights placed under the mural cabinets help illuminate the workspace while also bringing out the detail in the mosaic backsplash.

With trendy materials and masculine tones, this space is ideal to watch the game or play a game of poker.


Stylish and functional, Armodec offers a wide range of customizable styles.  From contemporary, country, classic, rustic or modern styles, we have models that will satisfy your design needs. Consult our different cabinet and countertop models for inspiration.

Materials used for this project:
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Wood cabinets

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