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Perfect Integration

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Perfect Integration

Inspired by a luxurious hotel suite, this space smoothly integrates a large television and an elegant cherry wood veneer.

In this comfortable room, integrated shelves are smoothly added to create a warm and relaxing space. The absence of handles contributes to this perfectly sleek design and integrated storage. The large panels camouflage the different sections of the organized wardrobes, where each person is able to have their own space.

In the corner, the dressing table includes everything you need to get ready: deep drawers, bright lighting, and a mirror with a cabinet. To improve the fluidity between the different rooms (bathroom, adjoining boudoir, etc.), the cupboards serve as divisions.


Stylish and functional, Armodec offers a wide range of customizable styles.  From contemporary, country, classic, rustic or modern styles, we have models that will satisfy your design needs. Consult our different cabinet and countertop models for inspiration.

Materials used for this project:
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Wood cabinets

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