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Modernity in Grey

A bathroom exclusively for the teens of the house? We’ve evenly distributed the storage spaces and included trendy materials in the design.

This small bungalow bathroom is designed with function in mind, with a bath-shower and a grey melamine vanity to accommodate sharing of the space. The look is modern and different, with a lively pattern.

For young, livable and affordable decor with personality the kitchen designer recommended a sizeable laminate countertop with a freestanding shelf that straddles the mirror. Two upward-opening cabinets offer storage for each family member using the unit.


Stylish and functional, Armodec offers a wide range of customizable styles.  From contemporary, country, classic, rustic or modern styles, we have models that will satisfy your design needs. Consult our different cabinet and countertop models for inspiration.

Materials used for this project:
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Melamine cabinets
  • Stratified countertop

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