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A Fresh Look

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A Fresh Look

The sleek design creates a wonderful feeling of lightness in this contemporary bathroom. The decor is defined by classic shaker lines and a colour that reflects light.

The sanitary whiteness of the space harmonizes perfectly with the white polyester storage modules, while the vanity partially camouflages the toilet bowl for aesthetic purposes. The bathtub is built-in and covered in matching tiles in order to enhance the illusion of a larger space. To achieve a trendier style, wall-mounted faucets, a double washbasin, and filiform handles were used.

To add a striking extra touch, try a sizeable laminate countertop in a dark shade. Daring this look in a primarily white space will fend off boredom and intensify the look.


Stylish and functional, Armodec offers a wide range of customizable styles.  From contemporary, country, classic, rustic or modern styles, we have models that will satisfy your design needs. Consult our different cabinet and countertop models for inspiration.

Materials used for this project:
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Polyester cabinets
  • Stratified countertop

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